Tornos Technologies Ibérica recommends COGELSA lubricants

Tornos Technologies Ibérica, world leader in machinery for precision metalworking of parts for all sectors, and COGELSA, manufacturer of lubricants and industrial greases, announce their strategic alliance to optimise efficiency, precision, safety and profitability in metalworking processes. This collaboration guarantees a significant extension in the service life of Tornos machinery.

After a rigorous series of tests and analyses confirming the exceptional compatibility between the two companies’ products, Tornos Technologies Ibérica strongly recommends the use of COGELSA lubricants and greases on its entire line of machinery, thus ensuring maximum performance, performance and durability.

The agreement was formalised by the CEOs of both organisations, Arnaud Macabies of Tornos Technologies Ibérica and Xavier Brugarolas of COGELSA.

Arnaud Macabies: ‘The integration of COGELSA products is a fundamental pillar for the optimum performance of our equipment. This partnership is aimed at ensuring that our customers experience unrivalled satisfaction with our products’.

Xavier Brugarolas: ‘For COGELSA, it is a success to develop, together with Tornos, the lubricants that bring the best performance to the metalworking sector and help us to evolve and develop our product range sustainably’.