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COGELSA Efficient Lubrication

COGELSA is a company that develops, manufactures and markets high-tech lubricants and grease, under the most demanding European standards, with the utmost respect for the environment and social responsibility.

Established more than 100 years ago in the area of Barcelona, Spain, the company has accumulated vast experience in different fields of industrial applications.

It works closely with various additive suppliers and research institutes to learn about the latest technologies, allowing the R&D teams to formulate state-of-the-art speciality lubricants.

COGELSA is present in more than 30 countries around the world through its wide distribution network, from Asia to Europe, North Africa and Latin America.

COGELSA is present all over the world, distributing to more than 30 countries

COGELSA has an international presence, with distribution networks all over the world. We offer a high level technical service to provide advice on the product to be used, as well as following this up with analysis.

More than 100 years in
the market and developing technology

From COGELSA, we supply lubricants and grease to the main multi-national companies that have the highest requirements with regards to the stability and performance of products.

COGELSA is committed to quality and the environment when manufacturing

At COGELSA we have the necessary technical equipment and human resources to design and manufacture products with the concepts of quality, environment and innovation always being at the forefront.



At COGELSA we carry out studies related to technological advances and research: Research, development and innovation.

New facilities

It has production reactors. The company is continuously investing in new facilities and expanding its production capacity.

Research and development laboratory

Laboratory that has about 500 m² with 7 technicians. This is used for research, development and quality assurance purposes. With the ability to design and formulate tailor-made lubricants to meet the new demands of the latest industrial applications.

Official distributor for Spain of

Official distributor for Portugal of

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