The problems arising from bearing breakage in vibrating screens can be solved by lubricating them with Ultraplex BA 462.

Using COGELSA Ultraplex BA 462 it is possible to extend the greasing intervals and reduce the amount of grease applied by 40%.

Ultraplex BA 462 is a grease developed by COGELSA based on mineral oil, barium complex soap thickener and additives. Meets ISO – L – XAEIB 2 quality levels.

It is especially suitable for improving the resistance to oxidation, corrosion and wear of bearings and other mechanical components that work at medium speeds, heavy loads, adverse environmental conditions and the presence of water.

Other properties of COGELSA Ultraplex BA 462 are:

 – High mechanical stability to ensure the permanence of the grease in the component.

– Extraordinary adherence.

– Due to its high dropping point and its highly refined base, it can work from -20 ºC to +150 ºC.

– High resistance to aging, avoiding the degradation of the grease in service even during long relubrication intervals.

– Exceptionally good resistance to the action of most acidic and alkaline aqueous solutions.

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