In the 2500 m2 facilities that COGELSA acquired some time ago, the new plant for the production and packaging of the special range of oils for the food and pharmaceutical sector has been started up.

With this investment, COGELSA is in a position to increase the production of oils by 25,000 kg/shift, packaging up to 4 products at a time.

This allows the company to provide more service to these sectors in which, thanks to the quality, type of oils and the NSF and Halal certifications, it enjoys a very good position.

The new open-plan facility with natural light consists of:

  • Stainless steel tanks for the storage of 400 MT of different base oils, in four dedicated lines for compatibility.
  • 5,000 l stainless steel manufacturing boilers.
  • Automated loading, unloading and temperature control throughout the process.
  • Pneumatic valves controlled by central PLC for better process control and error elimination.
  • Separate unloading lines for each boiler to reduce cleaning and purging between products and waste generation.
  • In-line discharge filtration equipment down to 1 micron, with PLC pressure control.
  • Discharge speed control for different types of product.
  • Automatic packaging machine for large containers.
  • Ambient temperature control with AA equipment and thermal insulation on the roof.
  • LED lighting.

All this installation has been designed taking into account safety and ergonomics in the workplace. It has also been characterised by an important component of environmental sustainability, thanks to the minimisation of process waste and the reduction of energy consumption.

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