COGELSA has provided an efficient solution to the flexible packaging industry. Specifically for the lubrication of the NUTR 30 and NUTR 35 bearings of the cylinders of an IML film printer.

Initially, this lubrication was done by means of an automatic electrochemical lubricator using a polyurea grease 3. Repeated breakages of the machine bearings (5 to 7 times a year) caused unscheduled production stoppages.

After analysing this situation, COGELSA’s technical team proposed the following solution:

  • Replace the current lubricator with two MEMOLUB HPS MEGA units.
    An automatic electromechanical lubricator with a distributor for 4 outlets.
    A more reliable equipment than the previous one because:
  1. It allows lubrication at higher pressure.
  2. Its performance does not vary with increasing ambient temperature.
  • Likewise, the current grease was replaced by COGELSA ULTRAPLEX FG 2:
  1. Food grade aluminium complex grease with NSF H1 certification.
  2. High protection against wear, high loads and corrosion.
  3. Suitable for working temperatures from -20 ºC to +150 ºC.

With this new solution, bearing failures have been eliminated.

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