COGELSA obtained the Halal certification for the 61 products that make up the wide range of lubricants suitable for accidental contact with food (H1 category) and vaselines from the Halal Institute

This certification is required by a growing number of companies in the food sector, which supply their products to Muslim consumers. 

With this certification, COGELSA takes an important step to help companies in the food sector to meet the requirements of the Muslim market throughout the manufacturing process and to be able to handle their products, following the strict criteria of that community and with full Halal guarantee.

To ensure that the products offered by COGELSA comply with the requirements of Halal standards, the Halal Institute has audited most of the ISO 9001 processes (R&D, Purchasing, Production, Storage, etc.).
Our certification refers to the field of food, which although vast, in our case has an effect in:

No pork derivatives.

No ethyl alcohol

No animal products slaughtered in a non-Halal way.

Ensuring that Haram products do not come into contact with food products.