An increase of 25% in greases and 20% in oils over the current total installed production capacity is estimated

Strategic action by the company as part of its quality and environmental improvement plans

COGELSA has just formalised the acquisition of 2 industrial warehouses, a new 2,500 m2 space with 2,100 m2 built next to the current one, in order to be able to increase production and continuously improve its processes.

COGELSA plans to carry out the necessary reforms to increase its production and storage capacity, including the installation of a new and larger “Clean Room” for the manufacture and packaging of product lines for the food and pharmaceutical sector. This new facility will allow the company to further enhance its range of food grade products, a range that already has food grade certifications issued by the NSF and Halal quality certification. COGELSA’s objective is to achieve ISO 21469 certification, currently the most comprehensive certification for lubricants for food machinery.

These actions form part of the COGELSA-2022 Strategic Plan, which has been characterised by an important component of environmental sustainability, with improvements in key areas such as minimising process waste and reducing energy consumption. In this regard, the installation of a boiler for the manufacture of drilling oils that avoids the generation of cleaning water between products, the implementation of a grease recovery system that has enabled COGELSA to reduce the generation of grease waste by 80%, as well as improvements in energy efficiency that include the switch to natural gas.