The market has always demanded efficient lubrication solutions for maintenance and industrial processes.

Increasingly, other attributes are becoming new demands in product development. Companies are demanding bio-based and environmentally friendly lubricants and greases, made from renewable and non-toxic materials with low sulphur levels.

At COGELSA, we have several product ranges that meet these requirements:

  • Multifunctional oils.
  • Gear oils.
  • Chain oils.
  • Special calcium greases.

COGELSA GELSA BIO are biodegradable calcium greases, highly adherent, water resistant, anti-wear and extreme pressure, with working temperature up to +120 ºC, NLGI consistencies 0, 1, 2 and dropping point at +140 ºC. Specially developed for the lubrication of bearings and other mechanisms in environments subject to humidity and the presence of water with the possibility of environmental contamination. 

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