Introducing the new COGELSA Ultraplex PU 222 polyurea grease formulated with highly refined mineral base oil, polyurea thickener and anti-rust, anti-corrosion, anti-wear and EP additives.

A grease designed with ISO VG 220 mineral base oil, NLGI-2 consistency, extremely versatile making it perfect for the lubrication of plain bearings, rolling bearings, open gears, gear couplings, steel wire ropes and all types of mechanical components operating under a wide range of temperature, speed, load and contamination conditions. ISO – L – XBFIB 2 quality level.

Polyurea greases are the most economical and efficient alternative to complex lithium greases, due to the constant escalation of lithium prices.

COGELSA Ultraplex PU 222 offers high protection of mechanisms in all types of industries: mining, earthmoving, shipbuilding and port, iron and steel, cement, automotive, paper, food, pellet presses, etc.

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